Introduction to the pictures

These pictures offer a brief glimpse into the life of Heinz J. Diill, artist. They are not intended as a real documentary, but simply as an introduction to his social life, his home and the historical and cultural beauties of his surroundings.

Heinz J. Diill was a nature lover, always accompanied by his dogs and cats and by the birds that came to drink at the fountain he built for them. Sundown was always 'party time 'with an aperitif for Heinz and breadcrumbs for the goldfish.

The importance of his surroundings to him is immortalised in his picture of a great family of flies which he called 'Queen of the Flies'. We see him at work planting his garden and gathering and burning dry grass. He was always enchanted by the magic of nature as new flowers opened.

He left the garden wild so that nature could explode in all her own colours and variety. Even his friends the local nurserymen were won over by the beauty and colours of the wild flowers.


English translation by Vivienne Mura